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Download your CV Template

The first thing you need when job seeking is a professionally written CV and cover letter. Watch the video for some tips and download the template below:

Download Your CV Template

Cover Letter and CV Template


Interview questionnaire template

Congrats!! Your CV & cover letter got you an interview! Let's now help you prepare for your interview. Whether you have an online interview, or an in-person interview, it's still best practice to prepare your questions and answers in advance. Download our questionnaire worksheet so you will feel prepared and ready to ace your interview!

Interview Question Template

Networking Tips

Thoughtful networking provides a focused way to talk to people about your job search. Done right, it can help you obtain leads, referrals, advice, information and support. It is an essential component of any successful job search, but it requires planning.

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Career Advice

On this page, you can find more resources that will provide you with helpful tips and tricks to aid you in your job search. 

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